Are you a NEW actor?

Only done extra work, don't have speaking footage?

No professional Actors Clips to submit or post?

Don't worry, there's a solution.


For over 15 years, OnWeb Television has helped hundreds of new actors produce

Actors Clips. Casting directors repeatedly state they prefer Actors Clips. 

Demo reels are too long, slow and don't focus on the role they are casting.


Actors Clips allow you and your reps to submit only the clip or

clips that apply to the current role to which they are submitting you for. 

Actors Clips focus on your "character type" and save you money because you

don't have to update your demo reel every time you get a new clip. 


Each Actors Clips has a running time of up to ONE MINUTE long.

You are the only (speaking) actor on screen in your actors clips.

You can have another actor in the scene with you, but that actor is for

reaction shots ONLY, no dialogue.

There are unlimited shot types you can use, such as, talking on the cell phone,

talking on Skype, talking to another character off camera, talking into the mirror,

or talking to a still photo. The shot type ideas are limitless.

For only $99.00

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For only $99.00 you get an Actors Clip shot on 1080-24p HD video,

prime lens, pro-lights, pro-sound, shot on a real film location and

your Actors Clips delivered within 48 hours.

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