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Professional Acting Demo Scenes 

 for Actors, Directors, Models, Producers and Writers

Having a demo scene and a reel on Actors Access and Casting Network profiles can move you ahead of those actors without scenes or reels when casting directors review submissions.

Do you have the necessary tools every professional actor needs? Topping that list is an up-to-date Demo Scene or Acting Reel.

Let us help you create a brand new demo scene or update and add variety to an existing acting reel.

With a NEW demo reel or scene, you will be giving yourself an important tool that will help you in the casting process.

Your scene or reel will allow busy casting professionals to quickly view your acting work and see your "essence" on camera, which can be really different from just your head-shot.

One (2) two minute scene


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3 Scene Special $500.00​



One (2) two minute scene
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Free Script

Free SKYPE rehearsal
Custom Scenes


1 Hour of Production Time

One-Scene & One Scene Set Up

Rehearsal and Direction

Two Minute Scene

(Standard Script format)
Professional Lighting and Sound
Adobe Premiere Editing

Turn Around in 48 hours
Ready for upload to Actors Access, LA Casting

and Social Media
Raw Files (if needed)
One Month Free Hosting


3 Scene Special = $500.00
must be shot on the same day
at the Pasadena location. 
Production Notes
All demo scenes are shot with actors sitting down or standing.
No extra blocking available.
No walking around in the demo scenes.
(unnecessary walking around distracts from your performance)
No entering and exiting demo scenes. 
No sharing cost of demo scenes.
The actor who pays for the demo scene is the LEAD character.
All scene partners will have only two or three lines.
One location set up per scene.
All demo scenes scripts must be two minutes long.
(Additional minutes cost $50.00 each minute)
One (2) two minute scene


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3 Scene Special $500.00​

"The day I put my scene on actors access I got an audition to read opposite lead role for Denzel Washington's Equalizer 2. I think that scene really helped out."  Roderick 


"Thank you so much, James! My scenes look great! Such a good experience working with you." Shay


"I needed new demo scenes for my profile. I had a very short turnaround time for submission.  The best thing about working with James is the quality and speed of production. James worked with me to personalize my scenes to best showcase my character.  If you are in a serious time-crunch for a submission, this is the place." Anjeli


"I hired James Tucker to shoot several of my award winning dance films. His eye for detail, professionalism and hard work ethic are the reasons why I keep hiring him. I can depend on him. He takes his work very seriously and always goes the extra mile to get the best results. He brings a level of experience across multiple skills that are hard to find in one person. He understands all aspects of the creative process and he’s always been on time and on a budget." John T. 


"I needed a teaser shot for my short film and I didn't know where to start. I found  Audition Clips online and decided to give him a try. The experience was amazing. Not only was the location beautiful and perfect for our scenes, but James was extremely professional." Daleelah


"THANK YOU!!!!!" David