Adult Web Series Production Workshops

Our workshops are designed to benefit young adults (18-24), adults and seniors who want gain new video production technology skills or improve existing skills. We offer specialized workshops for adults focusing on writing, directing, filming, and social media marketing of web series. These workshops are designed to help adults gain confidence and skills needed to work in the entertainment industry and/or start a small business.


In this hands-on workshop, students learn everything about writing a pilot episode of a web-series. From developing an idea,  sentence outlines, characters, episodes summaries, storyboards and more. 


With the high demand for web series content on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other web series producers. The demand for web series continues to increase. Students learn about casting, how to direct actors, location scouting, planning, scheduling, working with a crew and more.

Filming & Editing

Students get hands-on experience in working with other students to film their pilot episode.  Whether they film on a cell phone, DSLR or any other camera, students will gain modern filming skills. Students will also edit their episode for preparation to enter into a festival.

Web Series Marketing

Whether a student just wants to showcase their work on social media or market their web series to festivals, we will provide them with all the skills necessary. Students will also learn how to a project can get a SAG new media agreement.

Hands-on instruction so students get to see the whole process of video production

Learn the ins and outs of scriptwriting, location scouting and pre-production

In-depth analysis of camera angles and how to shoot a video

Students learn about post-production and get to their their videos come to life.

Customized web video workshops to fit your institution, after-school program, adults or adults school.

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