On Camera Class

What you'll learn in this On Camera Class

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In this 4 week class, you'll have the opportunity to work on set, on camera and acquire usable footage to develop

(3) three, one minute, acting demo scenes.

Film director, James Adam Tucker will work with you on three contrasting, (1) one minute demo scenes, that will be shot on location in Pasadena.

If you're pursuing film and television roles, you must have acting demo scenes of your work to show agents and casting directors. One of the best ways to get demo scenes of your work, is to do student and indie films.


However, sometimes getting your scenes back from these projects is almost impossible and often when you do get it back the quality is so bad you can't use it.

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Location: Pasadena, CA


Class Schedule: 4 Weeks (3 hours each class)

Average Class Size: 6

(smaller classes available)

Class Level: All levels

Age Requirements: 18 and older

Price: $499.00

Instructor: James Adam Tucker,

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In the first class, each student is required to bring three, (1) one minute demo scene scripts for consideration.


Every student will be cast into three, (1) one minute demo scenes.

The Instructor will make the final demo scene and casting decisions. 

In your next two classes you'll work to perfect the three, (1) one minute demo scenes. Your final class will be spent shooting on location in Pasadena.

After completing this class, you will receive your three, fully edited, one minute demo scenes, ready to post on Actors Access, LA Casting Networks or add to your current demo reel.

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Short Films

Students who excel in the program will be invited to co-star in a short film, at no cost. These films will be add to IMDB. 

Class Overview Week 1:

In the first class, you'll meet with Director, James Tucker of OnWeb Television and talk about the production process. You will be cast in three contrasting short film scenes with partners from the class.

You will spend the first week reading through scenes and customizing them to find a good match for you and your partner.


Weeks 2 and 3:

Private coaching with your partner and Director, James Tucker.

You will be assigned 30-minute coaching times per scene.


Week 4 - Filming:

In the week following the class, you will shoot your scenes with Director, James Tucker of OnWeb Television and the Video Team on location in Pasadena with professional sound, lighting and 4K camera equipment. You must be available during your designated shoot week.

We shoot weekdays Monday to Friday 10:00am to 8:00pm in our Pasadena, CA location. Actors are responsible for securing their own hair, makeup and wardrobe.


What’s next?

Within two weeks after your class and filming is complete, you’ll receive three high-quality, fully-edited and produced, cinematic scenes. Scenes include 1 round of revisions; additional versions are

$50 each.

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This on camera demo scene class is also perfect for new actors with no demo scenes and for those actors who have already compiled material for their acting demo scenes,

but are missing certain types of roles.