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How to make a GREAT

Acting Demo Reel or Acting Clip

What we will cover in the FREE ONLINE class.


What is a demo reel and acting clips?

Why do I need a demo reel and acting clips?

What should my demo reel include?

How long should my reel be?

What are some key qualities of a great demo reel and acting clips?

Do I need to hire an editor? A Cameraman?

What if I don’t have any professional acting clips?

What should I not include on my demo reel and acting clips?

What’s worse: No reel or a bad reel?

Film director, James Adam Tucker

will work with you on-line

If you're pursuing film and television roles, you must have acting demo scenes of your work to show agents and casting directors. One of the best ways to get demo scenes of your work, is to do student and indie films.


However, sometimes getting your scenes back from these projects is almost impossible and often when you do get it back the

quality is so bad you can't use it.

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