Short Films - Demo Scenes - Actors Reels

Here in Atlanta, having a short film or demo scene on your Actors Access, YouTube, 800 Casting and Casting Network profiles can move you ahead of those actors without demo scenes, an acting reel or a short film when casting directors review submissions.

Do you have the necessary tools every professional actor needs? Topping that list is an up-to-date Demo Scene or Acting Reel or a Short Film.

Let us help you create a brand new demo scene or update and add variety to an existing acting reel or a Short Film. 

With a NEW demo reel or short film, you will be giving yourself an important tool that will help you in the casting process.

Your short film, demo scene or reel will allow busy casting professionals to quickly view your acting work and see your "essence" on camera, which can be really different from just your head-shot.


View Short Film Samples

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