Youth Video Production Workshops

Workshops easily introduce students to the concept and practical experience of creating videos for commercial and entertainment uses on a website and social media pages. Workshops are customized for each agency and available for youth in grades (3-8) teens in grades (9-12) youth.  

Video Production

In this fast-paced hands-on workshop, students learn everything about making a web video from pre-production to post-production. Students get the opportunity to create and shoot their own videos. Students also learn skills to make web video production a viable career and market their skills.

Acting in Web Series

With the high demand for web series content on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other web series producers. The demand for "regular" actors continues to increase. This workshop focuses on getting students in front of the camera. Students will have opportunities to gain confidence in public speaking auditioning and learn proper "onset" etiquette.

Hands-on instruction so students get to see the whole process of video production

Learn the ins and outs of scriptwriting, location scouting and pre-production

In-depth analysis of camera angles and how to shoot a video

Students learn about post-production and get to their their videos come to life.

Customized web video workshops to fit your institution, after-school program, adults or adults school.


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