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Patricia Duff Tucker

Co-Founder & 

Production Manager

Patricia has over 35 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. Her unique background lets her quickly grasp a client's vision and target audiences. Despite her busy schedule, she serves on numerous boards, advocating for improving the social determinants of health for Blacks and other people of color. She also consults with organizations on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Patricia met James at Morgan State University. They have been married for 35 years.

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James Adam Tucker


James has directed over 25 feature films for the US and International markets. His movies have been streamed on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. James has received critical acclaim for his directing and has won numerous awards at major festivals. James loves to bring his creative entertainment style to each client's vision. 

Morgan Duff Tucker


Morgan Duff Tucker is a freelance writer. She graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts with a degree in screenwriting in 2013. She helps

a client's vision develop into a script. She is a two-time runner-up for the Jericho Writers Self-editing Bursary Competition and a scholarship recipient from the Highlights Foundation. Morgan is

co-owner of Purposed Web Designs with her husband, John Northup.

Our Story

We launched OnWeb Television in 2005 to help nonprofit organizations share their stories to increase support for programs and services. Before this, James worked in the entertainment industry as a Producer and Director. Patricia was an Executive Director for an affordable housing organization in Pasadena. She would always get James to donate his services by filming the organizations' outreach projects and client and sponsor testimonials. Patricia would show the videos during their annual meeting to thank sponsors and supporters. The videos were a hit! People loved seeing themselves on the big projector screen. The videos also made securing additional funding and partnership a little easier. Other organizations in the audience soon began asking how Patricia could complete the videos so professionally. She shared her secret weapon, James. As word of mouth spread, James started receiving calls from various organizations, cities, and counties in Los Angeles County. It was the beginning of OnWeb Television! 

Fast forward to 2021. By then, OnWeb Television had produced 1000s of videos for local to national nonprofit organizations, local municipalities to the Federal Government, and from small businesses to national companies. We are certified by California State as a Small Business(Micro). Over the years, we grew from showing our videos on big screen projectors to creating custom video content for websites, social media, intranet, and internet training. Most of our clients still come to us through Word of Mouth. We've been told that, unlike other production companies, we value our clients' input and treat them as "partners" during the production process, which leads to a better experience for clients. Although our business has grown, and our services continue to

meet our client's demands, we still choose to be a small boutique-style company to ensure each video gets top priority. We also need to have an excellent work-life balance!


Rebecca, Senior Director of Communication

"Patricia and James are knowledgeable, hardworking, flexible and enjoy the creative process. Each video we have produced has been very unique."

Hana Kim, Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Communications

"We’ve worked with OnWeb to produce numerous videos about risk management, legal compliance, and human resources. We appreciate OnWeb’s ability to translate dense, complicated material into snappy, entertaining content. ”

 Manuel Escobar, Los Angeles County East Agency

"We  used video to document the success of our programs and easily share it with upper management, Board of Supervisors,  and community. OnWeb has been very helpful in guiding us through the process

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